Something for everyone

Whether you are a coffee aficionado or more of an "I-need-coffee-to-function-give-me-my-coffee!" person, we've got you covered! We have everything from sweet caramel drizzlers to a classic Americano.

The Coffee Shop Grand Lake Has Been Waiting For.

Lake life is more fun with great coffee nearby!


Hours of operation

Monday: 7a-1p

Tuesday: 7a-1p

Wednesday: 7a-1p

Thursday: 7a-1p

Friday: 7a-1p and 5p-8p

Saturday: 7a-1p and 5p-8p

Sundays 7a-1p

* Please note that Thousand Oaks is an adults-only resort, if you are accompanied by anyone under the age of 18, please kindly place your order to go. Thank you!